Loyalist Photo Grid

Loyalist Photo Grid Ex 1

The Loyalist Photo Grid is a plugin I created on the WordPress platform, using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS/LESS, and Javascript/jQuery. I was responsible for all back-end functionality, logic, and editors, all front-end display logic, and worked with a front-end developer to implement the front-end design.

Click here to check out the Loyalist Photo Grid in action!

This plugin allows an administrator to create a¬†highly customization photo grid to be used as a banner. It has two modes, “Photo Grid” mode (shown here), or “Feature Photo” mode (not pictured). The administrator can switch between the two modes at any time; all saved data is maintained even when the mode is not in use.

Loyalist Photo Grid ex 2

Using options in the password-protected admin section of the website, an administrator is able to upload photos, set the display options (small or large images), include testimonial text for certain photos, specify headline and secondary text, button text, and custom link.

My role in this project was as the sole back-end developer, creating all image upload and customization features, as well as populating the front end dynamically on page load.

Loyalist Photo Grid Ex 3

Click here to check out the Loyalist Photo Grid in action!

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