MLHU DineSafe

DineSafe is a web application created for the Middlesex-London Health Unit in London, Ontario. This is a large-scale application, responsible for processing and storing over 300,000 data points on a daily basis. I was a core member of the development team, and as such, was responsible for a majority of the back-end data processing, search functionality logic, dynamically-generated front-end presentation logic, and many other features of this application. I was also solely responsible for the maintenance and upgrades to the application since it’s initial release. Any features discussed here were my sole or shared responsibility.

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Loyalist Social Stream

I was responsible for all back-end functionality and front-end logic for the Loyalist Social Stream plugin on the WordPress platform, which I created using PHP, MySQL, and Javascript/jQuery. I worked with a front end designer/developer to implement the front-end design. This also uses Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram APIs.

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FSTO Presentation – Learning by Teaching

Below is a video of my first conference presentation at Full Stack Toronto 2015. Although I am used to speaking in meetings or in a full room of college students, this was my first time presenting to other industry professionals on such a level. Overall, I was happy with my presentation, and I’ve been invited back to speak at the 2016 event this October.

Loyalist Photo Grid

The Loyalist Photo Grid is a plugin I created on the WordPress platform, using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS/LESS, and Javascript/jQuery. I was responsible for all back-end functionality, logic, and editors, all front-end display logic, and worked with a front-end developer to implement the front-end design.

Click for more information about the Loyalist Photo Grid “Loyalist Photo Grid”